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Cloyd Hinkle, originally from Indiana, made his way out west and eventually to the Land of Enchantment. After a short time on the West Coast Cloyd made it to Albuquerque and here is where he lives, loves and practices law.

In 1989 Cloyd opened his first office in Downtown Albuquerque before moving his practice to 3939 San Pedro NE in 1992.

Hinkle Law Offices have seen it all. Cloyd was the original Motorcycle Injury Attorney in the Greater Albuquerque area. Cloyd himself is a motorcycle rider, hence the jingle in his media ads that says; “Hinkle rides, Hinkle knows”. Yes, he does ride and has participated in a number of Bike Runs that have raised a lot of money which in turn has helped a great many New Mexicans. Hinkle Law Offices has sponsored many of these Rides as well as other charities and events across the state. Hinkle Law Offices is particularly proud of its association with Beds 4 Kidz. A not for profit organization that was created by local TV personality Steve Stucker (also a motorcycle rider) that provides beds for people in need, many whom are children.

Hinkle Law Offices knows the intricacies of Personal Injury Law here in New Mexico. Cloyd and his staff have worked with some of the top physicians and care givers in the state.

According to Hinkle; “I think that if someone lives, works hard and encounters a challenge with a personal injury through no fault of their own, we will go to work getting them the settlement they deserve. You know, It may not be different from some of the other transplanted law firms, but I feel as do many others that being local does indeed make a big difference, especially when it comes down to reaching a settlement.”

New Mexico weather allows for year round riding, which means more “bikes” will be on the road, stay focused, keep your eyes open and know, we are here if you need us. Hinkle Law Offices in Albuquerque 505 TUF-HELP, (505) 883-4357

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